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Misty Love Ready For Her Debut

Another hot score, another girl with really nice long hair and that look of a sexy girl you know from school or something. Here’s the story:

Misty wasted no time and rushed to our set when she heard that we’re having this Casting Couch audition again. She obviously stood out thanks to her long blonde hair, tight teen body, tattoos and piercings. She was the one we’re looking for, a wild teen that has a sweet face. I was damn right in choosing her because she was buck naked in seconds and she sucked on my stunt cock real hard. Misty was all over the couch moaning softly while she is jackhammered.

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Tiny Titty Blond Alexa First Time On Camera

This girl is so damn hot, yet she is so damn petite too. Alexa Sky is really quite hot, with an amazing petite body that almost doesn’t go with the overdone hair. But no matter what, it’s all about skill at Casting Couch Teens, and this girl has got some skills for sure. The stunt cock is in there in a blink, licking and sucking on her hard little nipples and fingering her shaved pussy. She is tiny and her teen pussy is tight! He licks her out for a while too to get her really going, this is going to take some stretching to get his cock in that tight hole. He dives right in and starts pounding her pussy, she is fixated on the camera and having a hard time cumming until the dam breaks and she goes over the top! Nice lips tattoo on her ass too, you know this one is a player!

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Tessa Taylor Rides the Casting Couch

Sexy Tessa Taylor is one super hot teen, a girl with all that is needed to be a huge pornstar. Cute smile, nice hair, amazing tits, and a super ass that you just want to spank. Just seeing her cute ass coming out of hiding is enough to cause boners in most men. Check out the story:

The Casting Couch gang hit the jackpot when they booked hot teen Tessa. She was just 19 years old but she already got these bouncy booty and perky teen tits. She was the shy type at first but she could no longer fight her crazy side and ripped her birthday suit for me. I spread her wide eagle, licked her tasty cunt and banged it with my big hard cock. Tessa was even begging for more.

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Tyler Stevenz Started at Casting Couch Teens

Here’s another one of those classic scene, Tyler Stevenz was totally unknown, a newbie, and she came to Casting Couch Teens for some straight modelling and maybe TV jobs. Well, the guys convinced her pretty quick that the real money was in getting naked, and while she wasn’t so sure about the concept, her hard nipples on her nice little breasts pretty much told the real story. This girl was in for some good fucking, and she really gets into it. She is a little shy, but she loves to fuck, that much is clear. After this, she went on to appear on a few other websites, but her hardcore porn cherry was popped at Casting Couch Teens!

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Heather Starlet Started at Casting Couch Teens

Casting Couch Teens often catches future pornstars before anyone knows them,giving girls their very first fuck in front of the camera and seeing them blossom into stunning pornstars and hotties. Sexy Heather Starlet is that sort of a girl, a natural hotty that wasn’t quite so sure about getting naked in front of the camera to start, but after a while she lightens up a bit. By the time the serious sucking and fucking gets going, this blonde teen isn’t shy anymore, she just wants to cum and she wants that cock hard and deep! What a hotty, now you know why Heather Starlet is a popular pornstar today!

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Tiffany Wants to be a Pornstar

Tiffany is the latest girl to come knocking at the door of Casting Couch Teens looking for a shortcut into the porn world. She’s got the tits, that is for sure, and this teen isn’t shy to get naked and show it all off. Nice long hair, and she sucks cock like a two dollar hooker in an army camp! Total talent. Her first on camera boning goes good too, she is a pretty vocal fuck and loves that big cock in deep. The guy is spreading her ass cheeks and playing with her butt hole too, it won’t be long before this girl is getting DP’ed somewhere!

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Bubble Butt Teen Taylor Makes a Porno

I am such a sucker for hot white chicks in short skirts, and Taylor has the type of butt I love. It’s a mini-bubble butt, like only white girls get, nice hips and round cheeks, more than enough to give that skirt some lift off the back. Taylor came to Casting Couch Teens looking for a modeling job, and well, the only modeling job, but they guys really wanted her naked for a porn tape. Well, it didn’t take long to convince this horny girl to get naked and start fucking. Sweet body, smaller tits and an absolutely succulent ass, a true two hander ass that looks like it needs a spanking.

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Layla Gets Laid on Camera

In these tough economic times, more and more girls are looking for ways to cash in on their good looks, trying to become hollywood stars. Well, the guys at Casting Couch Teens sort of want the girls to be stars, but mostly naked, nude, and getting fucked on camera sorts of stars. Natural redhead Layla knows the scoop, and she isn’t shy to get all naked, show of her nice teen tits and hairless pussy, and fuck like crazy. She is super lean, and super horny, taking that big cock like it’s dinner! She is all over that thing, and she uses it to pleasure her shaved teen pussy too. This girl has got talent, that’s for sure!

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Keira Wants To Be a Model

Kiera was one teen who got some attitude. That was a good thing and I kinda liked her straightforward ways. She wanted to become a model and earn wads of greens. I asked her if she was willing to tear her clothes and dance around naked. I thought she would back out but Kiera started to tear her clothes. I waved at my stunt cock and he came in to give this teenage freak some good old pounding from behind! She might never make it as a model, but this girl has got pornstar written all over her future!

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Amia Takes a Ride on the Casting Couch

Ever wonder where those hot teen porn girls are getting their start? Well, most of them get started answering classified ads and casting calls. Amia Moretti got started riding the wiener at Casting Couch Teens. She is a very unique and hot looking girl, nice eyes, super hair, darker skin and nice dark capped nipples. The best part is that this petite girl loves to fuck, and the camera doesn’t bother her a bit. In fact, I think she cums harder because she knows you guys are going to be watching her shaved teen pussy get fucked hard!

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