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Kacey Jordan

kacey jordan has tiny tits and a big pussyKacey Jordan is a 19 year old teen from Oregon with a cute smile, super tiny tits, and a totally amazing meaty pussy.  We are taking some serious fucking pussy lips here guys, and she is wet and pink all the way to the very tips.  When you see her spread these lips open, you will be amazed at how much pink there is to play with down there.  Her pussy is amazing, she gets wet pretty easy and she just loves to have her big pussy played with and fucked.

And fucked she gets.  Kacey Jordan came to Casting Couch Teens to get a job in porn.  No tricks this time, this hotty teen wants to fuck on camera.  She is nervous for her first time, but soon enough she is taking a huge cock into her puffy pussy, and she is enjoying every inch.  The best part is that she loves to take cum in her mouth, and she doesn’t flinch at all when the cum starts flying.   Click here for some sample pics and videos, or see her entire hardcore video at Casting Couch Teens, click here! 

Leah Livingston Texas Tatas

leah livingston has nice texas sixed titsLeah Livingston is a hot looking 19 year old from Texas.  She came to Hollywood to be a big star, to make movies, maybe to be a model.  Her friends are always telling her she should be a model, I suspect they were staring at her chest when they said it.

Well, Leah adapts pretty well to the situation at hand, and she is a little shy about getting naked for the camera.  But once she gets naked and the guy starts licking her texas teen pussy, well, she is pretty much all into it.  He is ramming her tight pussy with just two fingers and this girl is already cumming hard.  Then the fucking stats, and let me tell you guys, it is a wonderful site to see her big texas sized tits bouncing around like crazy as she rides the guy cowgirl style.  Totally fucking awesome, and this girl takes the cumshot in her mouth like a a champ, swallows it all down and cleans the guys cock up too with some more sucking and licking.  Damn well trained these texas girls are!   Click her to see some hot clicks of Leah Livingston, or see her entire hardcore movie at Casting Couch Teens!

Texas Latina Lena Gets Fucked

lena is a sexy latina from texasOne of the best features of Casting Couch Teens is that you never know what type of girl might turn up next.  Lena Hawkins here is one sexy example of what can happen when you have an ad in the newspaper.  This petite latina teen from Texas was in Hollywood trying to get into the movies.  Well, she answers the ad in the paper, and is a little surprised to find out that they want to get her naked.  She is pretty shy about the whole deal until her perky titties come out, then she is all about getting fucked.

This girl certainly has some experience sucking cock, and she works the guy over real good.  She uses a ton of tongue, and has that look like she wants to get him off.  You want to bet she was a hot date in school?   Lena looks like the type of teen that every guys would want to go out with!   Well, she is also a nice noisy fuck, enjoying every inch of that big cock pistoning in and out of her moist pink pussy.  She takes the cumshot pretty well, but you know she isn’t use to it and she flinches when the first big gob of goo hits her face.   Overall, she is a real hot, natural, sexy latina teen and she fucks real good.  Maybe she will be a pornstar one day?

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Madison Scott swallows it all

madison scott swallows all the cumMadison Scott is a sweet looking Arizona teen that wants to get some jobs as a model.  This sexy 19 year old has got the looks, the lean body, the sexy little titties and the nice overall look.  So she answers a newspaper add for a casting call, not realizing that it is for Casting Couch Teens.  Well, she is a little put off to start with, but once the guys talk her into showing off her little titties, the fun really starts.

The stunt cock is in there rubbing and licking her little titties, and I am sure she has never had a guy pay that much attention to her little tits.  She gets all horny, drops her skirt and panties, and he is in there eating her pink pussy from behind as she cums for the first time on camera.  Then her flips her over and fucks her hard.

When it comes time for him to cum, Madison opens her mouth wide and takes just about every drop of his huge cum shot into her mouth, and then swallows it all down.  I love girls that don’t know better!  Want to see more?  Click here to check out the Madison Scott audition! 

Casting Couch Creampie

kayden faye gets a creampie pussyKayden Faye is one hot open minded girl.  She has a ton of tattoos all over her teen body, and both of her nipples are pierced.  As Jimmy says, “you are obviously a sexually active girl”.   Kayden is a steller fuck too, and she is really getting into the action.  She gets right up onto the casting couch, and gets right to work!  She is sucking on the guys cock while he is fingering her tight teen pussy, and she loses the beat and is just getting off on his fingers deep inside her tight hole.  Then he flips her over and fucks her hard in about every direction possible.  It’s a pretty intense set from a girl doing her very first porn movie.  Well, Kayden keeps one more surprise for us, and she begs for the guy to shoot his load right into her pussy, giving her a massive creampie pussy.  She is so getting off feeling his cum going deep into her tight pussy.   You know this girl probably has a great future in porn!   Extreme action!   Click here and check out Kayden Faye’s Creampie Pussy

Natasha Nice gets Naughty

Natasha Nice has natural big titsNatasha Nice’s famous last words may be “I just want to be a model”. That idea didn’t last very long, because the guys had already long since figured out that this girl has the nice natural tits and a cute smile, and they know they coudl make a great video with this little hotty. Well, she is pretty shy about it, telling them to back up while she uncorks her nice tits, a bit soggy but all natural teen tits, can’t miss here. She gets entirely naked, and then gets down on here knees to suck some cock. Well, as soon as this busty teen gets the cock in her mouth, all fears are gone and this girl is getting into it bigtime. She sucks on that cock like a candy cane, and then the guys get her turns around and they fuck her senseless in about 5 different positions, slamming that cock into her meaty pink hole. “I can feel his balls slapping my clit” she says as she heads off into another happy orgasm. Finally the moment of truth comes, and she asks “do you want my mouth open?” Damn straight they do girl, swallow this nice load! You can see her entire video on Casting Couch Teens, or click here for some hot sample clips of Nice is Naughty!

Gia Gold Visits the Casting Couch

Gia Gold makes her first porn movieGia Gold made it to the casting coudh the easiest way possible:  She likes to get naked, she likes to fuck, and she wants to make a ton of money without going to college or having to work all the time.  So she is ready for a career in porn.  The only problem?  Cameras make her nervous, so nervous that this girl is swaying back and forth and can’t barely concentrate.

Good news for her is once Alex gets in behind her and starts playing with her little teen titties, Gia forgets all about the camera and gets more into having a few good orgasms.   This girl knows how to suck a cock properly, and she shows off her obviously experienced technique, before getting her pink hole plowed like a farmer’s field.   Nice action here, and certainly a great first time porn.  Click here for Gia Gold’s Audition.

Marissa Mendoza Tryout

Marissa Mendoza make sher first porn movieMarissa Mendoza is one yummy little teen girl.  When I say little, I mean petite, tiny, lithe, almost waif like.  We are talking something like 95 pounds, A cup titties, and a mega tight pussy that is almost too tight for your little finger.   Well, Marissa always wanted to be a model or make movies or something, but she is a little too short to be a model, and well, she doesn’t have any acting experience.  But she answers an ad for actors wanted, not realizing that she is going to be the next star of Casting Couch Teens!

She enters the office, the guys introduce themselves, and start to talk with this girl about their modeling and acting jobs, and that she might have a better chance if she shows a little skin.  Well, Marissa is a little shy to start with, but when she gets the idea that getting naked and fucking is a way to get ahead when you are on the casting couch, well, she goes for it with gusto.  Her tight pussy becomes a warm heaven and this lucky stunt cock is fucking her deep and hard, and Marissa is loving every inch!  Check out these clips to see how her tryout went!

Joselyn George First Porno

Joselyn George is a hot blonde teenJoselyn Goerge is a sweet and petite 19 year olf from Georgia who has always dreamed of being a pornstar.  She has studied the business, and she knows she has to start somewhere and get the experience to move up.  So when she saw the ad in the college newspaper looking for actors and actresses for adult films, she wasn’t shy to go give it a shot.

Joselyn isn’t lacking for fucking experience, if you know what I mean.  I suspect she started long before anyone would expect, and this girl brings some superior cock sucking and licking skills to the table.  her casting couch experienced could be be described as “she got fucked hard and loved it”.  I am betting you see more of this hotty in the big leagues of porn!

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Carmella Diamond

carmella diamond makes her debut on the casting couchSometimes the girls that come to Casting Couch Teens aren’t so sure what they really want. Some of the hottest, most stunning girls show up and they aren’t really sure they want to make a porn movie. Not Carmella here. She looks more like a librarian than a pornstar, but this teen coed knows exactly what she wants – she wants to fuck a big cock on camera and get her faced covered with cum!

Who are we to argue, right? Let’s just settle back and enjoy the action as Carmella Diamond makes her very first ever hardcore porn movie, and she loves every inch and you can tell she is loving that cumshot too.

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